Everest in a sr22

Has anyone flown to Everest from lukla? I did, you have to fly in the low canyon before you can get altitude. I use the Logitech g pro 30 and flying was so easy with autopilot and small movements. Keep throttle at FULL the whole flight! Take off from lukla on the runway (not casual server takeoff on the taxiway!) and stay at runway heading until about halfway across the canyon. Set ur altitude to FL300 and go up at 2200 feet a minute. With power full you speed up FAST and should turn towards Everest. Go onto LiveFlight and use satellite to see your path!
You can look at my map if you need.


No need to make an unnecessary post just post in the Community Members Spotted on Live Part 3
I’ll get you the link in a few ;)

The OP didn’t spot anyone, no need to post the link. He was just explaining how he flew to Mt. Everest on the Sr22.


I’ve done a similar flight on the C208, however I departed from an airfield on the east side of the Everest and landed at Lukla. It’s very pretty for sure. That entire region is absolutely stunning.

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Ya! I agree. Although i crashed on Final.

I’ve done it in the XCUB but not the sr22

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Cool! How long was the flight!

I’ve done similar routes in the region in a TBM after watching a special on the world’s most challenging airfields. The turboprop does great.

Ya! I agree

It took me a little over an hour. I could only climb at about 500fpm 😂. But that was just to reach the top. It took round trip about 2 hours.

Wow! It took me about 20 mins in the SR22 going up at 1500FPM

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Should i do this again?

I tried landing an A320 at Lukla the other day. (Solo) Didn’t end very well…

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Wow. Good idea

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