Everest challenge

This morning I challenged myself to take off from Lukla fly to mt. Everest and attempt to land on the mountain with the Super Decathlon. I proved to be very difficult and didn’t succeed and you can see my attempts in the second image. I still enjoyed my excursion and I recommend to try it. If you want to try to do it the third picture shows the general direction you need to fly and if you can successfully land post a picture because I really want to see it!

01 AM
02 AM


That actually looks really fun!! Might try it later.


what airport did you start at? gonna try that now

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he said Lukla. try it!

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Luklua dosent work for me!! 😭😭

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Sadly, due to the terrain, you physically can’t land on there. I’ve tried this on solo with 98 knot winds.

airport code for Lukla?

It is LUA… gotta get my character count lol

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Well Done. 5 points to grinfindor


Complete lie, Luklas code is VNLK


Airports have two codes, the IATA which is LUA and the ICAO which is VNLK. Both work

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Dude, that’s the IATA code, you’re talking about the ICAO code.

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