Ever wonder just how many ops an Advanced Controller puts up in a week?

There is never a shortage of traffic for our Advanced Controller team to work in the skies of Infinite Flight. If you’re wondering just how many aircraft they move, take a look at these stats.

Another great week: 23-29 August 2016

Operation: Each Landing/Takeoff/Approach Clearance Issued


Wow… that is truly astonishing! Thanks for all the hard work to all our amazing Advanced Controllers, you truly do an amazing job!


So if you´ve ever wondered what some of the controllers are doing when they are not controlling? Nothing. They are controlling all the time.

  • Great job guys!

I love seeing how it fluctuates. Everyone gets in their groove and most times we see a different leader each week… unless of course Jeebak isn’t taming tigers.

This team is amazing!


I am so surprised. Dang, IFATC rocks!


Tyler how come I’m never on this. I control quite a lot and I swear I got about 500 ops this week.

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124 hours in a week, that’s what you call dedication!

In 7 days, with 24 hours in a day, there are 168 hours.

168 - 124 = 44 hrs of time not on ATC

44 hrs / 7 nights leaves only 6.2hrs of sleep per night while all remaining time is on ATC.



Lol nailed it! Benedict just blasted his ops into the air


Still amazes me! And he’s not even approach qualified! Incredible job @anon66771861!!!

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Nice job team! Schools been keeping me from controlling. 😭


Shows his dedication to such a wonderful group! I won’t go on another Support our IFATC rant (mainly because I’m now part of them and it could get kind of awkward) but I do want to say these controllers put in so much time out of their own days, that they could be spending doing other things. None of this time is paid or anything it’s all volunteer hours! @anon66771861 just put up all this on a completely volunteer basis!
(On a side note I think it’s cool to see me in that list even with a measly 37 sessions 😉)


19 hours… nice ;)

Haha thank you I try ;)

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Lol I don’t even have one this week becuase I’m busy


But knowing you you will have your spot sealed soon 🙃

This is kind of confusing… 124 hours this week? There are only 168 hours in a week, so @anon66771861 spent about 74% of the entire week awake & controlling. That’s what I call dedication!


Well I’m not surprised at all because every time you check the live status benedict is open somewhere.
Still insane to believe that he got almost three times as much ops in one week as me in about 2 months.
Respect man!

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Mwhahahahahaaaaa I’m on the list musclepose

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This week’s stats are out!