Ever noticed the American flag on a plane before?

Have you ever noticed that on an American airplane with the flag, the flag looks normal on the port side of the plane, but it looks reversed on the starboard side.
To show you what I am talking about, here’s the port side of N501DN, an Airbus 350-900 operated by Delta

credit in the picture

As you can see, the flag is normal.
Here is the starboard side of the same aircraft

credit in the picture

The blue part of the flag is now at the right top corner, that’s not how an American flag looks like.
Do you know why this is?


US Flag code states that the flag should always face the direction of travel. You see the same thing on race cars, military uniforms, and so on.


That’s proper display according to Flag Code. Star field always faces forward as if “in the breeze”.

… and it looks better.

It’s the flag code.

The plane doesn’t fly backward

Unless you’re swiss001…


learn something new everyday I love this forum so informative


Everybody here seems to be right, now here is the reason I heard:
The reason why the flag is ‘backward’ is to show how America is moving forward. If you look at a flag the side with the stars is the same as the side as the pole. Back in the day when flag bearers charged into battle to lead their team behind they always had the side with the stars facing forward. This tradition continues to this day.

And this is why you shouldn’t have a flag with weird corners in them 😜
No but honestly, this was actually some nice information. This begs the question. Is the Union Jack displayed correctly?


As a member of the United States Armed Forces (Marine Corps) I can confirm that what everyone has posted so far is correct.


Thanks for your service!


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