Hello aviation lovers !
anybody tell me how event work in the great game ?

Hello an welcome to the forum. First you must create, plan and then post your event idea in #live:events. Please read this post for more information
About the Events category - #2


You can participate in any events that interest you!

It can be:

  • Regular events (Like FNF or Turbulent Tuesday)
  • Player scheduled events (Hey guys come join!)
  • VA scheduled events (Lets flex dem muscles i i mean wings)

Usually events will have time, flight plans, planes/liveries to fly, and NOTAMs. Do follow them (Dont be late to the party ;)).

To participate, just add a reply to the event you want to participate in, and show up on time!

If you would like to create an event, read the guidelines (and you have to be TL:2 if im not wrong). Follow the format and youre set!

Welcome to IFC. Hope you enjoy your stay!