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Part of the reason why I don’t attend as many events is because the #live:events section is kind of crowded. I browsed the Discourse community forum and found this plugin, the “Events Plugin”.

Instead of copying and pasting all the information, here’s the plugin thread. It has a ton of features that I think would really be an awesome addition to the forum and help make the #live:events category way more organized and easy to read.

What’s your thoughts? Here’s a live demo.


I really don’t see a big difference… perhaps it’s the mobile version??

The only real difference I see is the calendar at the top and the subcategory, plus the ability to add the event to a calendar. Oh, and it puts the events in chronological order.

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Look harder, I’m on mobile too. Too many differences to count really. From what I see you can:

  • Sort by date (Agenda)
  • Google Calendar/Device Native Calendar integration
  • Sign up for events through a button on the post (no more editing posts for each new attendee), and attendance counter
  • Event Cap, cap the amount of people who can attend your event (I’d assume that is optional)
  • There’s a Calander built-in to discourse for all events
  • Map (This plug-in is needed I believe)
  • ect.

I’ll update this post as I find new things.

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Hmm, didn’t see that bit. I did catch the rest of what you mentioned though.

I just found it as of 1 hour ago so not sure of all the ins and outs but I see a “0 Going” in the demo.

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Signing up through a button would be very handy indeed!

Thank you for finding this subtle plugin.

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Just saw there’s also a map, how cool would that be.

It’s sorted by the most recent event, so as an event passed I assume it would be removed from the “agenda” sort portion.


That would actually be neat, so if you wanted to attend an event at JFKyou could just see them all on the map? That’s actually really cool…

For those who like being super realistic and like to only fly from the airport they land at to the next, they could event hop from airport to airport that way by attending events. And plan it ahead of time.


If you go to latest on that page it will bring up older events that aren’t included in the agenda section, so I’m correct thankfully.

I guess i can’t post an example of something in progress. I guess i’ll stick to my opinion and hope to not get flagged (disappointing). I think an event system is a good idea but i fear that a “cookie cutter” event system is the last thing that this community needs. I would hope to see that VA’s create their own types of projects to make them unique.

We already have so many VA websites and VA systems that look exactly like each other that the effort and creativity has fallen. This is an active discussion between several VA members of the quality dropping, and having another system that is just mirrored on every event is another detriment to the community.

I think its funny i get flagged for a post about an event system that is coming as an example, its not an advertisement and not linking to anything. I feel it would be appropriate to be able to have a conversation about why a post was removed by a staff member


My argument would be that we already have an event system (MMDDYYHRMN) that is kind of hard to read, and only the most popular commented on events get the most attention as they get bumped up the category. I don’t understand your example comparing the two though, it’s just a way to organize the category.

I apologize if I get off track, i was reading into the plugin and system as if they were going to be a new page for events. Maybe i looked too far into the various plugins that were available on the page.

The way i read into it is that they were their own individual website plug ins / templates for events, rather than just an IFC template builder. In that case, to each their own.

I also continue to push for individualism with these types of things, if there is opportunity

edit: by individualism i mean opportunity for creativity

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No, same category and website, just organized with some added features. I think it would actually lead to more creative events actually because people wouldn’t be as obligated to creating “BIGGEST FLY IN EVER” and “FILL AN AIRPORT” events to draw out more people. The category would be sortable and the most commented on events wouldn’t get all the shine. That’s just my opinion.

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I know there was some push to a regulation for events, you and I had some discussions about this prior… i think regulation of events is a good starting point.

On any given saturday/sunday, there is as you are exactly right “BIGGEST EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF EVENTS FLYING OUT OF KMIA (2 PEOPLE SIGNS UP)” type threads.

I am far from a person that likes the regulation of stuff to hold back creativity and wanting to host events, but these fly out events, and random fly outs/ins are out of control.

That is the starting point i’d love to see on the IFC

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Yes! The events category, is just a mess and hopefully this can be added to finally clear it up a bit

This is a pretty neat plugin for sure.
We’ll see if and when we’ll be able to add it. With us being a hosted community, adding 3rd party plugins can be a bit tricky and a bit too much trouble compared to it’s worth.


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