Events Integration into Infinite Flight

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Sorry for not posting this sooner, I’ve been busy for the last few days!

So, most are now aware that the new Infinite Flight update now integrates data from the forum. The following categories are used to display information in-app:


The tutorials aren’t really that important since they’re hidden in the help menu, but the events show up on the home menu whenever a user first opens Infinite Flight. Here’s how it works:

Matt tweaked his code so events should appear perfectly in Infinite Flight as long as everyone follows the same rules. What are these rules? You’ve been following them ever since you joined the forum. Event topic titles of course! Once again, all event topic titles need to be formatted properly, otherwise weird stuff happens in-app. How do I make my event look good in-app? More info here:

Yes, it is imperative that the ‘@’ character is separating the event title and the airport ICAO.
Yes, the ‘-’ character is needed to separate the ICAO from the date & time information. All the numbers & letters need to be in that order so Infinite Flight knows the difference between date, time, and year! The only part you’re allowed to write whatever you want in is the event title itself, which comes before the ‘@’ character. All this specific uniformity will turn a community event like this:

Into a wonderful in-app presentation like this:


Yes, all this is automated. The time displayed in-app is even adjusted from Zulu to your local timezone. How convenient!


The fact that it even converts into your own timezone is amazing!


Yeah, I’m loving that too!


So going forward, if a topic belongs in events but doesn’t have the correct title format, we should change the title format and then move it to events?


I’d guess regulars and above could edit the title to match the events format, and if there is information missing such as the ICAO then move it to #live

Yes, but not if its a “Come fly with me right now!” Event.

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Ask the OP any missing information, but go ahead and move it to #live:events. For example, if you know everything except the airport, just write XXXX or ICAO in the spot to fill it in temporarily

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I’m guessing that’s an old photo right? From before the update was released?

Yes, I’ve been waiting to post it

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How long does it take to display in the app after being posted on the forum?

Based on my testing, it works immediately. Changes take effect on your device as soon as you restart the application. That being said, the news & events box on the home menu does not update on it’s own. A restart of the application is required.