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First of all I would like to wish everybody here on the IFC and IF dev team a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Now, I have a query about live events that are hosted. Are there any ever hosted on the Casual Server? I just got the IF Pro Subscription and would love to take part in some, and maybe even host my own. Thanks!


The large majority of events are hosted on the Expert Server, as that is where you will have professional, trained community ATC.

Official Infinite Flight events are hosted on the Expert Server.


Is there any exception for this?

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The Whacky Racing Event Series took place on the Casual server - as that would involve everyone zooming around in fighter jets. Who knows apart from the staff whether that series will return.

That was the only exception off the top of my head.

Yes and no.

Yes: Airshows are held on Casual Server to prevent violations during a demo

No: It is casual after all so it is easier to put an event on Training or Expert to prevent trolling to some extent

I forgot about airshows…those as well…however they don’t get made that often.

Yes but that basically is the only reason for an event to be on Casual

If you need assistance creating an event please feel free to pm me :)

Well there are quite a few official events (staff hosted) that are all servers, it’s just expert server is usually most popular.

Whacky racing will return in 2023 :)


He finally showed up! Hi Dan

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Looking forward to it!

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I’m looking forward to it ;)

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