Events in Training Server

Who agrees that there should be more events open to everyone on training server? i think it doesn’t matter if it isn’t professional. If so, where should these events take place?


Not to take place at EGLL or KLAX

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I wouldn’t put this under #live:groupflights. I’d put it under #general

good point

Why not? The topic is about group flights

by the rules, #live:groupflights topics are only scheduled for flights

I’ve switched the topic category to #live

ok thanks :)

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Regarding to that I want to ask our Social Media Staff : Don’t you think it would be helpful to specify the Server in the title format? Example:

[Casual] - 15JAN21 / 0600Z - Lion in the air @ WIII
[Training] - 15JAN21 / 0600Z - Lion in the air @ WIII
[Expert] - 15JAN21 / 0600Z - Lion in the air @ WIII

I think that can help the Grade 1 / 2 users when looking for an event without having to open each thread to check the server. :) What do you think?

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It’s a great idea, it would make it faster to search for events suitable for each one of us

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You can make a topic in #meta about it. And the staff don’t like being tagged

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No need for a meta topic, it was seen and will be evaluated.


Technically speaking, FNF is an event across all 3 servers.

i know but im saying that there should be more live events

Ik, but it was an example. For a FNF it could be
[ALL] - 15JAN21 / 0600Z - Lion in the air @ WIII

I may be wrong but events can be on any server right? As when making an event you have to write which server it’s on so that in itself shows that any server can be used for events?

Yes. That’s correct

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