Events In Progress Information Feature

How it works:

This new feature would involve live current events to be shown on maps & as a information card once started Infinite Flight.


Let’s say someone buys Infinite Flight and is new to the simulator but hasn’t got instagram nor a IFC account yet, this would be a easier way of understanding current events that are occurring.

Concepts of the feature:

(Credits go to Jason Rosewell - Photo uploaded on the new Infinite Flight 18.5 Release Announcement Topic).
Edited by me.

(EIP stands for Event In Progress, users would have the ability to either show or hide this option as you can see the concept on the image above).

(After the controller’s name, the Event In Progress text would appear while the event occurs)

Keep in mind that the green airspace would be temporary, just visible for when active events occur.

Let me know your thoughts bellow regarding this feature!

I would excuse the one picture rule here to say that you have awesome visuals. I would say this is quite useful for anyone to know. Even though I’m out of votes I would highly encourage it.


Have to Agree with Nate here! This would be a great addition to the game and definitely something worth to be looked upon by the FDS! Great Idea all in all!

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This would be very useful but I feel like Devs just going through events and putting up all of these TFRs would be hard.

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I’ll permit multiple photos as it assists in giving folks an idea of what the feature is. A single photo would be challenging to work off of. 🙂


Yes thank you, I thought I needed to post multiple so that the feature is more detailed and easier to understand.

This is a very good idea, creative and is going to be very useful if it gets implemented :)

This should give people a understanding of what’s going on in that airspace so non-participants doesn’t wrongly interfere.

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Got my vote even though this will 99.9 percent won’t be added. But if FDS hires or gets volunteers too add these events this would be a great feature and we can actually use that events ATC command.


I’m assuming this would only be used for official FDS events?

Yes, correct.

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I like this idea. Do you think it would be for all events (like the ones created by IFC users) or just events put on by FDS (such as FNF, Flash Flight, ect)?

Edit: looks like another user had my same question and it was answered.


if It got released, for the time being, I assume it would be for official FDS events only.

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I would love to see this introduced into Infinite Flight so pilots are aware if there’s gonna be any delays before arriving into the airspace.

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@InfiniteFlightGuyYT, why not add to it, a feature that states the host of the can create it in IF. That way the fds don’t have to worry about that for @Trevor_A’s comment. Also I fell like that would put a spotlight for trolls. I love the idea and will give it a vote, but just a couple of things to consider.

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You have earned a vote, I like the idea.

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Isn’t this a thing already? Or do you just get notifications about flight restrictions?

I think it is just for TFRs.

Although, I do want this event to include user-created events. But we might need more volunteers like those in the IFVARB in order to make this happen.

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Yes, I agree.

The 18.5 update introduced the new NOTAM/TFR window which was utilized during some events that provides the same thing you are asking. So it sort of already exists. I know there may be plans to utilize it more.


I think he wants this implemented for all events, not just the official FDS ones. And the are not necessarily NOTAMs, but messages or announcements to anyone who is coming to the airport that is featured in the event.

For example, if I want to have an event at KSJC, I make the event thread and on the day of the event, anyone who wants to stop by KSJC will have the message popped up on their screen. It is not necessarily a NOTAM as it would not ghost the pilot, but it would make the pilot aware that there is an event at the airport they want to fly to or spawn in.