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Does an event calendar exist out anywhere out there? I’m imagining a calendar with different tabs for each region. This should be helpful for IFC users, pilots and controllers alike. I know I’m missing plenty of events because I just can’t find them.

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Nope, it was removed to have more freedom. Sometimes you will see locations in the ATC section but otherwise, it’s where we controllers feel like controlling in our regions. Tuesdays we are free to go wherever we want and Friday is FNF so we are at FNF airports that are visible to the public late thursdays.

Hope this helps!

There is currently no calendar that lists all the events, however I find that going to the search button and filtering only events (In advanced search options) helps a great deal @Mark_Eatman

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@Benrdutch I guess you missunderstood his question a little. As far as I understand he is not asking for the old ATC schedule but for a calender which shows all upcoming community events that are posted in the events section of the forum.

I really like the idea of @Mark_Eatman but unfortunately there is currently not such a feature. It would help to get a quick overview of upcoming events.


Thats currently the fastest way, but a calendar would make it much clearer and easier to find the events. At the moment you often have to scroll a lot to find the event you are looking for.

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Yep, I’m not looking for the old schedule, but rather a better listing of events that are occurring each day. Finding events right now is too manual for my taste, and I know I’m missing out on plenty.

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You can search the day like “20JUN21” in the search bar and that will find the events for the day.

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Yeah, but if you wanna have a clear overview of upcoming events for the next few days a calendar would be really helpful.

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