Events and such

Is there anyway to promote my newly created event at KSFO?


Yes, create a thread and post in Events.



How do I create a thread?

It’s really up to you, attach images and info into the thread. Essentially just put together information. Or… I would ask @AviatorRyan!

Take a look at this, (DEPARTED) 25AUG22 Las Vegas, NV Flyout @KLAS.

So anyone can create an event flight? Or only certain people?

He already has.

To promote it, my advice would be to bump the post by replying to it every few days or so.

Anyone above TL2 can create an event.

Sorry for asking, but what is a TL2? Training Server?

Trust level 2 @Joseph_Miller6

Thank you very much!

No problem, @Joseph_Miller6

Hello, I was pinged here? What for exactly?


I am just wondering how to create an event thread

You already have mate…

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Why exactly?

I don’t understand why you would find this topic and just post “it needs to be closed”.

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