When I had my subscription, I created plans to have events, but I never had the chance to. Would anyone like to host 2 events?They are just at PHKO and KSAN.

Are you asking for one of us to have an event? I don’t really understand what you are asking for here

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Not sure what you mean

This is not an event therefore it should not be in events

Hey there!

The point of an event is that you host it. Asking someone to make an event that you like wouldn’t really make sense, unless you’ve planned it already.

Yeah because I like created all of the gates etc but I can’t really be there

I deleted that

I’ll send you a pm. To confirm you want me to post an event that you can’t make?

So you want us to run an event, for you

You can ask if anyone would like to host your event.

Yeah basically sorry for the confusion

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That’s fine along as you take it to PM with the person.

I’ll do it if you already have the gates

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No problem :D.

I do at both airports

Take this to PM, thanks

Guys I will do both. There is no more reason to post in this thread

I only said take it to PM

I flagged it

Closed on request