Is it possible if you create and event like you create topic and is it possible to invite them of share it with then so they can edit it and help along the way with it

Can you please re-word what you’re saying.

Can you please fix this grammar? I cannot make heads or tails of this. And you can make an event and invite people.

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What I’m trying to say is you hit create a topic button and go down to events hit that and you start creating it but you asked someone to help you how do give them access to the topic as well

And if you ask a mod they would probably help you along the way

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Like ask them to help or like to help me with this problem

Oh, ok. I am not sure of how to do that. Sorry

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Yeah, PM a mod and they would most likely help you

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Maybe ask @Sashaz55, I think he can change your event.

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No not like change the event share the topic with someone to help you create the event

Oh, ok. I am really not sure. Sorry for wasting your time

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You’re fine you gave me answers as best as possible thank you for wasting your time on trying to help lol

Wait, you want to create a post with someone via the Event thread?

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No I want to make a topic that will be made into an event but I don’t want to do it alone

So what I’m getting from this is that you want to make an event, but you want guidance while making the event. I’m pretty sure there’s no way for two people to make a topic, but you can PM someone that has made a lot of events and ask for their help making one.

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Would suggest that best way is to find the person who wil help you then by using PM you can make and edit an event style post, when it is ready you then make your event thread.

Good luck

You can PM a mod to make it a wiki and any TL3 can edit it. Is that what you are asking?

A wiki is the only way to allow someone else to edit your post.

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There we go.

There is no real proper way of doing it with a friend, you can do it with TL3’s or higher roles.
unless you give the friend the password, then yes

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