Hello I just spawned at KSFO and noticed the large amount of aircraft (look closely as not all are rendered) taking up every gate but mine (I am the delta b739) at one specific terminal and out of curiosity is this some event or a wierd coincidence?

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What server are you on? If it’s TS1, it’s pretty normal for KSFO to be packed like that. People tend to park as close as possible to all the other players, therefore making it appear like an event.


I would recommend looking in the #live:events category to find out if there is a event!

There hasn’t been any events at KSFO for the last week. (Through the IFC)

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Huh. May just be luck and people just keep spawning😂

I would like to state that this is TS

I am embarrassed you people had to witness my controlling.

I was the controller at SFO a few minute ago. Was having connectivity issues. Wish I could stayed longer.

And I believe this is a group flight. One person requested pushback and all of them did. They even taxied in a little line.


Maybe I just found it suspicious that it was all at one terminal that was entirely filled once I spawned

I don’t think they have flight of “XX“ call sign suffix big enough for all of them

Trust me I’ve seen airports very busy I have never seen literally what I RL is just 1 terminal and not a single other gate perfectly filled with similar aircraft (A320 series and 737s) and according to @Clouds “taxi in a little line”

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Yes, I was there. It appears to be an IFBR group flight or event. 🙂

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You could of seen where there were going. To see if it was all the same place.

@Clouds do you know where they were going? If not who was doing app/dep

It was probably a private event for an organization or Virtual Airline.

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