Server: Training Server Server
Region: New Delhi(VIDP) to Rest Of India Region
Airport: VIDP(Indhira Gandhi International Airport)
Time: 1300Z

The event is my first ever event on this community. We will fly all the national routes available in INDIA from VIDP/Indira Gandhi International Airport flown by IndiGo. The routes and each gate for the route is listed here. All IndiGo Flights, will be held in the assigned gate. I hope to get ATC, if so please reply.

Indigo(IFLY) 625 VIDP to VAAH(Ahmedabad) Stand 1:
IFLY 626 VIDP-VAAH Stand 2:
IFLY 524 VIDP-VIAR(Amritsar/Shri Guru Ram Das Jee) Stand 3:
IFLY 525 VIDP-VIAR(Amritsar/Shri Guru Ram Das Jee) Stand 4:
IFLY 398 VIDP-VEBD(Bagdogra) Stand 5
IFLY 399 VIDP-VEBD(Bagdogra) Stand 6
IFLY 133 VIDP-VOBL(Bangalore) Stand 7
IFLY 134 VIDP-VOBL Stand 8
IFLY 701 VIDP-VEBS (Bhubaneshwar) Stand 9
IFLY 702 VIDP-VEBS (Bhubaneshwar) Stand 10
IFLY 545 VIDP-VICG(Chandigarh) Stand 11
IFLY 546 VIDP-VICG(Chandigarh) Stand 12
IFLY 613 VIDP-VOMM(Chennai) Stand 13
IFLY 6162 VIDP-VOMM STand 14
IFLY 908 VIDP-VOCB(Coimbatore) Stand 15
IFLY 3752 VIDP-VOCB Stand 16
IFLY 964 VIDP-VIDN(Dehradun) Stand 17
IFLY 966 VIDP-VIDN Stand 18
IFLY 3752 VIDP-VEMN(Dibrugarh) Stand 19
IFLY 908 VIDP-VEMN Stand 20
IFLY 222 VIDP-VOGO(Goa) Stand 21
IFLY 582 VIDP-VOGO Stand 22
IFLY 251 VIDP-VEGT (Guwahati) Stand 23
IFLY 694 VIDP-VEGT (Guwahati) Stand 24
IFLY 747 VIDP-VOHS (Hyderabad) Stand 25
IFLY 601 VIDP-VOHS Stand 26
IFLY 646 VIDP-VAID(Indore) Stand 27
IFLY 436 VIDP-VAID(Indore) Stand 28
IFLY 5098 VIDP-VIJP(Jaipur) Stand 29
IFLY 736 VIDP-VIJP Stand 30
IFLY 212 VIDP-VIJU(Jammu) Stand 31
IFLY 554 VIDP-VIJU Stand 32
IFLY 6193 VIDP-VOCI(Kochi) Stand 33
IFLY 315 VIDP-VOCI Stand 34
IFLY 173 VIDP-VECC(Kolkata) Stand 35
IFLY 283 VIDP-VECC(Kolkata) Stand 36
IFLY 282 VIDP-VECC(Kolkata) Stand 37
IFLY 219 VIDP-VECC(Kolkata) Stand 38
IFLY 591 VIDP-VECC(Kolkata) Stand 39
IFLY 861VIDP-VECC(Kolkata) Stand 40
IFLY 959 VIDP-VILK(Lucknow) Stand 41
IFLY 958 VIDP-VILK(Lucknow) Stand 42
IFLY 189 VIDP-VABB(Mumbai) Stand 43
IFLY 841 VIDP-VABB Stand 44
IFLY 100 VIDP-VOPB(Port Blair) Stand 45
IFLY 101 VIDP-VOPB Stand 46
IFLY 459 VIDP-VERC Stand 48

I am also looking for ATC at VECC(Kolkata) at approximately 1500Z


NOTAM Please spawn at the gate at least 10 minutes before 1300Z, also, I will reply to all gate requests starting tomorrow at 1500Z. So please be patient. I would also like reveal, that I have been working on new virtual airline. It will be released before Christmas, and that in a few days, I will be hosting another event, this time all International Flights departing from New Delhi!

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Hope you can share the event with others, and also actively participate in the event.

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Looks like fun love to see that part of the world make the event when your t2 sorry

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Thanks! Hope I may get there fast. But generally asking, why do they do this?

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