[EVENT TOMMOROW 0830Z] Summer Holiday Flight Out @ EGBB - 140830ZAUG18

Server: Training

Airport: EGBB

Zulu Time: 0830Z

Popular Time Conversions: Monday, 14 August 09:30 8:30 AM12:45 PM


Please join me on a summer holiday flight across from the UK’s second city in Birmingham to the popular holiday resort of Antalya in Turkey.

Our flight time will be around 4 hours 15 minutes hoping to depart EGBB at 0930LT and arriving in LTAI at 1545LT.


For the flight only realistic airlines are allowed that fly the route in reality:

Freebird A320 (Generic Livery)
Jet2 Boeing 737-800
Jet2 A321 (Generic Livery as there is currently a Latvian leased one based at Birmingham)
Thomas Cook A320 (Generic Livery)
Thomas Cook A321
TUI (Thomson) Boeing 737-800
TUI (Thomson) Boeing 757-200

Please also fly in that airline’s callsign e.g: Jet2 - Channex 1239.


Copy from @Ian_Farquharson

Gate Assignments

(Diagram from NATS)

Please request with your callsign and aircraft in the comments so I can allocate you the right size gate.

Gate 40 - Kestral 575 (Thomas Cook A320) @capt_moy
Gate 41 -
Gate 42 - Kestral 562 (Thomas Cook A321) @Ian_Farquharson
Gate 55 -
Gate 56 -
Gate 57 -
Gate 58 -
Gate 59 -
Gate 60 -
Gate 70 -
Gate 71 -
Gate 72 -
Gate 73 -
Gate 74 -
Gate 75 -
Gate 76 -

More gates will be added if needed

Thank you for reading and I hope you can come along!

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Callsign : PK-YPA (can change to airline callsign)
Airline : ThomasCook A320
Gate : 40

I appreciate your post today, but i recommend changing

to Universal Time, which doesn’t make time a paragraph.

How to do this?
Select Options and Insert Date.
Insert the day of the event and the time of the event (your time, not zulu)
Go to advanced, and go to timezones to display.
Remove Paris and LA, and type in Etc. Then scroll down to Etc/Universal and pick that and select


Why should i do this?

Many pilots don’t know what time an event will be in conversion from:

Zulu --> Their timezone

This helps people out so that they can know what time the event is at.

Thank you in advance.
Good day!

Ok thanks I will change this right away

Ok you’re added I’ll see you there 😀

Thanks 😁 see you later 😁

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We need more people! Please come and join us on this event!

You can’t get people on instant. Be patient.

I’m Sorry @SpeedPlayz

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Final Call to join the event for tomorrow

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