Event today! | Infinite Flight General Club | The 172; New and Improved! @ KJAC | 211900ZDec19

The 172; New And Improved!

So along with the amazing addition of the Airbus 350 into infinite flight, we got an amazing rework of the map, UI, and our personal favorite here at IFGAC, a rework of the Cessna 172. This update comes complete with live instruments, a glass cockpit, mixture controls, and a whole host of other amazing features.

To thank the staff over at Infinite Flight, I thought I would create a group flight fitting of this amazing aircraft, so here it is! I couldn’t think of a more beautiful setting for this beautiful aircraft, and so that’s why I have chosen Jackson Hole, in the heart of the Tetons!

Event Details

Airnav Charts Jackson Hole --> Yellowstone

Departure Time 1900Z 2019-12-21T19:00:00Z
Server - Expert
Aircraft - C172 (YellowBlue Livery)
Departure Airport - KJAC (Jackson Hole)
Arrival Airport - KCOD (Yellowstone Regional)

Flight Details

Speed - 100Kts
Altitude - 7,000ft
Flight Time - 1:00 hour


Gate Callsign Pilot IFGAC
Gate 1 N5RM @Xpira 😎
Gate 2 N4711 @Hunter_Macomber 😞
Gate 3 H-SKWHY @HelloSkyMan 😎
Gate 4
Gate 5
Gate 6
Gate 7
Gate 8

I’ll join.

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How do you choose the pro sub livery(s)…the CAP one l tried out only had the steam gauges !

There should be a pull down in the top right corner that shows all liveries, I believe the pro sub liveries and free ones are together, but I could be wrong.

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Event begins in 30 minutes! Sign up! :)

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@Balloonchaser the event collides with the BAVA event:(

Ill join, N4711
pilot - Hunter Macomber

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🤷‍♂️ Well guess you’ll have to choose

Event in 10 Minutes!

Please get in the gate you were assigned

Adjust Alt to 12000 ft

Im in N674DW

Ah hello I see you. I was wondering who that was. Did you plan to do the Group Flight, or just stumble upon it?

Both I saw the event at 1245 decided to tag along.

Thats great! We have group flights ever so often, so stay tuned for more. You can also join IFGAC if ya want, we’re a pretty active bunch.

I actually put in an application yesterday


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