Event today! - Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Ski Adventure @ KTEX 220000zSEPT20


As summer comes to a close, and winter starts creeping in, what comes to mind? For a lot of people, it’s skiing. So let’s journey to two of the most popular ski resorts in the country, to see what all the fuss is about!

For this next group event, we will be heading from Telluride Regional Airport to Eagle County Regional Airport (the main airport that serves the Vail Ski Resort) through the beautiful mountains of Colorado. This is a tough flight, as it goes through very mountainous terrain. The airports themselves, especially Telluride, are very hard to fly in and out of.

Airnav charts

Telluride—>Eagle County

Flight Details

Server - Expert
Aircraft - TBM-900
Departure Airport - Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX)
Departure Date & Time 2019-09-20T23:00:00Z
Arrival Airport - Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE)

Speed - 170kts
Altitude - 25000ft
Flight Time - 40 minutes



Gate Pilot Callsign IFGAC
GA apron 01 @HelloSkyMan H-SKWHY 👌
GA apron 02
GA apron 03 @Nicholas_Henry H-ENRY 👌
GA apron 04 @FLY_BOII31 PJ-WIA 👌
GA apron 06 @Kansas_Scotty N145FP 👌
GA apron 07
GA apron 08
GA apron 09
GA apron 10



Club Thread The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey
Club Website https://ga-club.weebly.com/


I’m in… H-ENRY

Brilliant. Ill put you dow for GA 03

Perfect 👌🏾
Sign me up 😁

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Sign me up for a slot please.

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Spawn in!

Do you mind if I come down for Some spotting?

I am ready.

That would be great! If you get pictures, post em here

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Okay will do.

Sorry there’s only one but it was the best one I could produce to you.


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