EVENT TODAY! Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | A trip across the jungle @MGGT 280000ZSEP19

For my next group flight, we will be heading to Guatemala City. With a population of 2.45 million people, it is the largest city in Central America. Founded by the Spanish in 1776, it is the capital of the county of Guatemala and is important to the surrounding area of Central America, as a trade hub. It was founded on top of the Mayan city of Kaminaljuyu, an important city to the Maya.

From Guatemala City, we will head to Routàn. Routàn is a small island of the Honduran coast. With beautiful beaches, it is a popular tourist destination for the people of Honduras, and more. With a population of less than 50,000, it is one of the smaller islands in the Caribbean. A popular dive site, it has one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, the Mesoamerican Reef.

Airnav Charts


Flight Details

Server - Expert
Aircraft - C172
Departure airport - La Aurora Airport (MGGT)
Arrival Airport - Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (MHRO)
Departure Time and Date - 2019-09-28T23:00:00Z

Speed - 120kts
Altitude - 6,500ft
Flight Time - 2:30


Gate Pilot Callsign IFGAC
GA apron 1 @HelloSkyMan H-SKWHY 👌
GA apron 2 @FLY_BOII31 PJ-WIA 👌
GA apron 3 @Chris_Hoss VH-HOSS 👌
GA apron 4 @Kansas_Scotty N145FP 👌
GA apron 5 @David_Mullen N76VT 👎
GA apron 6
GA apron 7
GA apron 8
GA apron 9



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Club Website https://ga-club.weebly.com/


Sign me up ✌️


Alright I gotcha! PJ-WIA?

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Sign me up please

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Alright you are signed up!

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Will do! RT6907?

Sign me up please.

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Please sign me up. N76VT.


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Ummm sorry I don’t think I can join due to time zones

Ok that’s fine. Do you want me to hold a spot just in case?

Yeah sure, thanks

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If I calculated correctly, 0000Z is 8:00 PM EDT. 7:00 EDT would be 2300Z. The day (28) is correct for today at 2300Z. 280000ZSEP19 would have been last night.


Welcome @HelloSkyMan.

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Thanks. Thought I’d make a grand entrance

Copy my FPL guys, lets get a 4 mile spacing at least

It looked good.

Thanks. I bounced tho

You were too far away for me to tell.
I have always thought that bouncing was a feature of the C 172.