[EVENT TODAY, 18 Attending] Snoman's Flyout Series 2.1: Rockin' in the Rockies @ KDEN - 052000ZJAN20

I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose please

Nice! I will be a part of this if I can renew my subscription then.

Sure thing! Would you like a 700 or 800 and which livery?

I’ll decide then

Yeah I’m asking you

Yeah and I’m saying that I will pick my aircraft and livery as the date approaches XD

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Ah I see, sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ll give you a gate and you can decide later :D

Alright I gave you C34!

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can I get this gate please?

Sure thing!!!

@snoman might I recommend adding the new Norwegian 787 service to Rome as one of the available routes? I’ll personally take gate A81 United 737-900 to PANC if possible (subject to change)

Alright I can give you another gate with a 739 to PANC because B81 can’t fit a 739.
I will switch a gate to the new route if someone requests it

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On the gate list you have it as A81

Sorry about that, I fixed it. It’s been a looooong day

No worries

Get your gates here!

@anon41771314 you will get to use the A350 at this event!!!

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Can I get a gate replaced to EGLL in the UA A350? ;)

I know!!! That’s why I picked it 😉

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Could I get gate B44 with the Star Aliiance livery 752 please? Thank you!

EDIT: whoa, look what I just found…

Exactly what I just signed up for, livery and all… 😳🤨