Event timing

What is good event time that will get the most people in, just asking for suggestions. (between 0900Z and 2300Z)

1700z - 2200z is probably your best bet.



Depends on your public. For Asian people around 1300Z could work better. For Europe 1900/2000Z. In the Americas you could go with 0200Z or something like it (do note if you want the US time at for example 0200Z it will be saturday for the US but Sunday in the ZULU timing, so the event would say Sunday)

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Around 19:00-20:00 Zulu.

Europeans and Africans are preparing to go to sleep, so they would take long hauls or very short hauls while people in the Americas have recently woken up and they can take whatever flight they want depending on their preferences.
Yeah, I know Asia is a thing, but as far as Iā€™m concerned Americas and Europe are the biggest markets for IF.

I think 2000Z is the best timing so far

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