Event times

Hi, was just wondering how to read event times, eg 301500ZJUN19. I know what 1500Z means, not the rest though! Any help is appreciated, as I want to join some events!

Hey… Can you possibly put all the questions in one topic?

Our great community will be able to answer in the single topic!



So day, time, month, year.

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Sorry, just didn’t know if I was allowed

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the first number
30 Is the day (Like June 30th).
The abbreviation is the month (JUN) = June. MAR = March etc
The last two numbers are the year.

Following on, “Z” after any time means Zulu time zone :)

Its great that you want to learn about various stuff regarding infinite flight, but like george has said, it would be best if you kept them within one topic as creating numerous topics as such, kind of clogs up the forum.


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