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I have seen when someone gets signed up for an event there is a grey rectangle that shows the information. Can someone help me on how to get this

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Yes I Can Show You
Look below and replace the letters with whatever you’d like!



Airport Aircraft (Size) Airline Flight Time
Hong Kong A330 (E) Air Mauritius 9:45

Airport = AAA
Aircraft (Size) = BBB
Airline = CCC
Flight Time = DDD
Hong Kong = WWW
A330 (E) = XXX
Air Mauritius = YYY
9:45 = ZZZ

You can keep adding the “|WWW|XXX|YYY|ZZZ|” sections below it.

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Thanks, could you elaborate a little bit please

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To create a table, use the following format:

| (Option 1) | (Option 2) | (Option 3) |
| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |

Instead of |---|---|---| , you can also use:

|:--| or |:-:| or |--:|

You can continue adding options and columns.


|Trust Level|Votes| Option 3| Option 4|
|TL0|0 Votes|-|-|
|TL1|5 Votes|-|-|
|TL2|10 Votes|-|-|
|TL3|15 Votes|-|-|

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Taken from this topic by @Thomas_G , it’s really useful:


@DeltaCs100 if you want, you can make a chart in Google Docs then copy that into the IFC. It’ll keep the format and I find it much easier.

Ok, Thanks for all the help


You can also use the following site and copy the generated format:

If you’re copying from Excel, Numbers or any other table editing program you can just copy part of the table you want to use and then just paste it into IFC post editing window and it will convert it to markdown table automatically

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