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Hello IFC, I am interested in creating an event where the main idea is having TBMs cross the ocean with a few stops along the way. I would like everybody’s input on starting location and destination. It will be from Europe to North America. Below I have created some polls for everyone to vote on.

Starting Location:

  • Nordic Countries (Norway-Denmark)
  • Western Europe (France-Belgium-Netherlands)
  • United Kingdom / Ireland

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Ending Location:

  • United States Eastern Seaboard
  • Eastern Canada

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If you voted, thank you for your input. I will try to put out this event sometime this week if the results prove conclusive. I will try to make the departure/arrival airports a unique general aviation airport in one of these countries.

something like EIDW-KPVD would be really fun.

Lol, it seems like the two of the most popular regions in IF (Great Britain and Eastern US) have the most votes, what a coincidence… :D
But in all seriousness, sounds like this could be a fun event! We’ll see how it turns out.

I think going from Edinburgh - Jacksonville would be cool with stops along the way.

Thanks for the ideas everyone, the point though is to depart and land from a GA/regional airfield, not an international gateway.

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KBED would be a great GA field in Massachusetts to land at!

The event is now up based on the polls:

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