Event suggestions

Hey everyone! The last successful event was my San Diego event which is linked below, that event was a suggestion and went well so what airports would you like to see a event at? Would you come? Thanks for suggesting everyone!

Kai Tak? That place longs for historic heavies to fly into


Maybe Boston Logan? Interesting layout and lots of diverse traffic.


CYYZ is the ICAO

Thanks for the suggestion everyone! I’ll take it in mind.

I would suggest Vienna. It offers a lot of short-haul routes to the most beautiful places in Europe (Alps are 30 minutes flight time away and you can reach every airport in Europe in 3-4 hours
There are heavies flying there and you can fly long-hauls up to 10 hours
There are two usable runways so traffic wouldn’t be a problem

You could maybe do some of the islands in the pacific like, Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora, or Hawaii :)

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