(Event successful and CLOSED)Touch and goes @ KSMO - 161430ZJUL17

Gate 6 is all yours!

You will get violations if you take a heavy aircraf to KAVX or KSMO

I am in. Callsign Air India 024

Please don’t use the “super” prefix unless you are flying a “super” designated aircraft, which is currently only the a380 which is too large for this event

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Ok I will use a 787 removed the super.

787 is far too big and will get you violations - don’t use anything larger than an a321 please

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Sorry but I have something that came up and will give this event a miss, unfortunately.

You cannot use an aircraft that’s bigger than a A321 or a 737. You WILL get violations. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to make a mistake like this.

Please follow the events format and say which server this is on

I already did…I might delted it by mistake

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Its on casual server…

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Can I grab gate 07 please? Also you should set up a discord for voice chat

Gate 07 is yours …thats a good idea to for future events! Thank you.

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Thanks for the gate! 1300z right?

Gate 2 is yours! Make sure to be there

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No it has been postponed to 1430

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Also since this is on casual, we can bring absolutely ANY aircraft right? If so be sure to spot me in a 767

sure thing. I’ll be there

Yeah lol…I think for ksmo its too big and you wouldn have enough runway 😀

Or kavx lol. Should be interesting tho…