(Event successful and CLOSED)Touch and goes @ KSMO - 161430ZJUL17

would like your comment, but I’m outta likes lol

Yea… it didn’t show cause my Wifi was bad…

ohhh… happens to me when I go to the top floor of my house…

Lol… and the funny thing was… I had AIRPLANE Mode on in the flight XD

also I know this is kinda advertising, but I would appreciate it if you joined my event click here

Wow nice pics…I took vids so…I will take screenshots now 😀

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thanks. my fav is the low-fov knuc approach shot

also if u want u can join my event its kinda like yours but more casual

Okay! ( This needs to be 20 chararcters)

Im sorry my video didnt save but other people took beutiful pictures!

My personal best the low-fov knuc approach shot and the last one!

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Beautiful(20 characters)

Thank you all It was a very nice experience! I will organise more events in the future! Nice meeting ya all!

Wow, this was a big event, very cool. Where to next time?

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I really dont know! :D I am amazed how my first event went!

Well advertised :) …a bit early for me but maybe next time

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There is no need to advertise your event as successful. You title should bmjust say closed to notify those looking at events that the event is closed. Just a reminder for in the future.

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I have missed the event??😭

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Check out my new event!