(Event successful and CLOSED)Touch and goes @ KSMO - 161430ZJUL17

Server : Casual

Region: South California


Time: 14 :30 zulu time

On 16th july, were going to do touch and goes! Make sure to join us!
All Aircraft are fine! Cruising altitude :5000ft … Cruising speed :230
Say when you fly with us and say be sure what your call-sign, MyCall Sign: AIRFLOW1

Gate01= AIRFLOW1(leader)
Gate02= Air India 027
Gate03=Infinite flight 107
Gate04=United 034
Gate05=Infinite flight 28 super
Gate06= PAL1507 Heavy
Gate07= Tc
Gate08=Thai 265 heavy
Gate09=Fedex 729 heavy

More gates will be added if needed, if I didnt respond for the gate dont’t worry I will check all the comments 1-2 hours before.
Have an nice flight

Flight plan=


Um… No. Atleast dont do it in SoCal or TS1. Expert or playground would be cool but no TS1+SoCal plssss.


No KNUC either, military only and the post said any aircraft aloud.


Trust me, no one cares what plane you fly to KNUC in infinite flight, let alone TS1 users.


We will see
Maybe we will do it on another server…stay updated!

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Okay, Im sorry for any inconvience…this is my first event that im hosting…!


Server has been changed!


Congratulations on your first event! Anyway I’ll also be looking forward to join the event. Can I be added in please?

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Yes of course! Just tell me your call sign.


My callsign is “Infinite Flight 707” :)

Largest plane allowed into KAVX is a Cessna 208

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Well, on TS1, that doesn’t apply. People land 737s or A321s lol. They do land with larger aircrafts aswell, they get violations when they do that. Good way to make them learn a lesson not to land a a380 at kavx

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I will be attended if as well! My callsign is United 034.

I’m joining!
Callsign: Infinite Flight 28 Super

You have gate 2…looking foward to seeing ya there 😀!

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You have gate 03 looking foward to seeing you there!

You have gate 04 , looking foward to seeing you there!

You have gate 05…looking foward to seeing you there!

_emphasized text_Can I have a gate my call sign - PAL1507heavy

Okay, Im sorry this is my first ever event, Thank you very much for all your support!