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Do I have to be in a virtual airline for it to wonder one of my events

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Could you re asked your question in a different way?

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So if I’m doing a British airways flight for an upcoming event do I have to be in British Airwyas virtual airline to get my event sponsored by them

No you do not - You can ask them to help sponsor.

Ok thanks I have applied for BA virtual anyway

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Good luck my friend!

Thanks here’s my event planning so far


Looks like a well planned event, good luck

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If you are wanting them to “sponsor” you, and are going to use that word, make sure you are receiving compensation of some sort.

Here is the definition of the noun “sponsor” from Google:

1. an individual or organization that pays some or all of the costs involved in staging a sporting or artistic event in return for advertising.

If BAVA (BA Virtual) is not compensating you for your recognition of them, a more accurate term to use would be “partner”, for an example.

Just a heads up.


Nice handwriting btw that’s better than mine 🙂


Amen brother!



How do you join virtual airlines? I always wondered that. (Plus, virtual airlines have always been a curiosity)

If you search up an airline on IFC then find the application form

Ah, thank you very much. (Wait nevermind.)

Infinite flight community

All VA’s should have something like this.

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