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As we know the new IFATC Update is around the corner & from one of the article posted by Cheng Loke Ng (IFATC Education Group), we as IFATC Members are encouraged to support events during the event timings.

Feature Request

So, why not we have the ability to add tags for the event with the event thread when posting? It is similar to that of the server tag like Expert or Training tags. This way it makes it easier to search and find events for the IFATC Members and provide services to the airport region!

How it works?

• Basically, with all the regions marked on the map by Tyler, a similar region tags may be added which can later be added to any event. This way when an IFATC Member searches with any particular region tag, it will filter out the selected region events only. Thus, making it easier to search events instantly!
• Additionally, for IFC members organizing events, it will enable them to specify the departure & arrival region more precisely and get their event more organized!

For Example: An Event from KSFO to VOBL will have 2 tags associated with it: 2. US West & 9. Asia.

So, from the image below:
Each region will have a specific tag 🏷,



Infinite Flight 10 Year Anniversary ATC Schedule • 16-25 April 2021

If you like this idea, Do Not Forget to vote 🗳…

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I don’t have a vote spare at the moment, however I definitely support this simple request, great idea!


This feature is related to the forum, please make this topic in #meta.


That’s really a good idea, and in fact is coming to the community really soon! Yes they have a plan for this feature already, so sit back, relax and stay tuned for more info.

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Hey mate

Thanks for your nice idea! Tyler has confirmed these tags will be added to forum in lasted FAQ in IFATC Discord. It’s a nice idea, thanks again!

Supervisor approved for the sharing


Ohh yes, thanks a lot 😊
@Mo_Alz confirmed me with this moments ago! I have requested for closure though…