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How do I get a partnership by a VA for a event?

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From Section IV of the Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial:

The Infinite Flight Community was built on the community aspect. One of the main ways the community interacts besides the community forum is through Virtual Airlines (VAs) or Virtual Organizations (VOs). These VAs/VOs usually have daily flights, and communicate amongst each other over a third party platform (slack, discord, etc). One of the main aspects to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community is through community events. While many VAs post their own weekly events, the VA community is always looking for interesting events for their VA to partake in.

Events are the lifeblood of the Virtual Airline/Virtual Organization community and takes advantage of the fundamental feature of Infinite Flight Pro. Well-organized events provide an opportunity for Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organizations to come together and fly with each other. Flying together provides moments of camaraderie and are excellent places for community building. When planning your next event, I encourage you to check out the IFVARB Database for VAs and VOs that may be interested in participating in your next event! - @Danman - IFVARB Admin

How To Contact a VA:

  1. Figure out what Virtual Airlines would possibly be interested in your event
  2. Check the IFVARB Database for those Virtual Airlines.
  3. Click ‘View Details’
  4. Contact the CEO or the Events Manager by clicking on their Username
  5. Click ‘Message’ on their IFC Profile
  6. Politely ask if their Virtual Airline would be interested in joining your event! Give details on your event and explain yourself and your plan.

Know that Virtual Airlines might decline your invite. Just be polite and understand their reasoning to decline


You can also reference the linked topic below.

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