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Me and my friend would like to start an event possibly in January. Id like a couple of answers to a few questions. I would like to have a fly in/out from the 3 major airports in the bay area (KSFO, KSJC, KOAK).

  • How do I create an event post with gate assignments?
  • How do I get my preferred airports for the event on the atc schedule so people show up?
  • What is the best time of day for an event?
  • How can we get people who are qualified for expert server atc to show up?

Hello there!

Well first off, you aren’t TL2 (Member), so you can’t create a post in Events to begin with. Is your friend on the IFC, and if they are, are they TL2 (Member)?

I’ll answer your questions anyway:

In the event post, simply have a section called Gate Assignments with a list of gates, destinations, aircraft, etc. If you want to do some cool formatting take a look at this topic for info on how to make things like tables, etc…

I’ll answer these questions together. Tyler chooses the events that go on the ATC Schedule - it’s really down to luck if your event gets featured. Again, if your event doesn’t get on the schedule, it’s down to luck if ATC staff your event. I would put the atc-needed tag in the event so that IFATC knows that you would like ATC.

I would say between 1900Z and 2300Z as that would be afternoon/evening for the US and evening for Europe, where most of the community are from.

Hope I’ve answered everything correctly. If you have any other questions regarding events or Infinite Flight in general. Feel free to shoot me a message.

Have a great day!

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thanks! have a good day!

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Hello, pm me if you need any further assistance with creating the event. :)

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