Event post by an un-certified VA


I once saw that a VO/VA posted but they VA/VO wasn’t approved by the IFVARB, and I don’t see anything on the IFVARB info thread that you can’t post about it, and also @DeerCrusher said it’s ok. Is it actually ok to post an event like:

Ryanair Virtual blah blAH BLAH @egkk - 9349390018

without the VA being IFVARB Approved.
I’ve already messaged the IFVARB Admins about this, but they never replied.
I’d like some valid information about this :)


They surely are on the way to get approved

That’s not what I asked. I’m asking if a VA/VO can post in #live:events without being IFVARB Approved.


If they are on the way I guess yes

I just checked on the “About events” page and nothing says that you can’t

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Yeah that’s what I think too as @DeerCrusher confirmed it is Ok, however I’m not completely sure as it does seem strange as some time ago there was a post in the policies of the IFVARB that a VA/VO can’t post anything about themselves without getting approved by the IFVARB. But now It’s not there. They must have removed the policy out of the list.

Then just bypass it
Change it to a group flight and say nothing about your VA/VO

Yeah but that’s what it said a while ago. And now it doesn’t say anything about it so I don’t know which way to go.

@bluepanda900 @aquila @danman we need your presence haha


This is what it says on the IFVARB’S Information Thread. They say ‘a presence in the community’ community being this forum as a whole. Sorry guys.

Keep in mind I may be wrong. That is just my take on what is in the info thread, and it could be interpreted a few different ways.


Yes indeed you may be wrong, because @deercrusher said it’s ok and he is part of the IFVARB so I don’t know, and also a person posted about their VO without being approved.


If you’re just doing a Ryanair group flight there’s nothing wrong, sign me up. That’s what the community is for

I’m not doing any sort of event. I’m just curious about this.

You can make an event without certification, but you can’t advertise it as being run by a VA. There’s nothing stopping you from making a Ryanair flight event but you can’t advertise it as being run by Ryanair VA.

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So it can’t be like

Ryanair Virtual - jifjndiefo

it can only be like

Ryanair flight - bfjfkof?

Basically (I edited my above post); it’s just that if people see a Ryanair VA event they’ll think that there’s an approved Ryanair VA out there, so it could be misleading.

Yeah but what if you would say like

Not IFVARB Approved yet

Does that count? haha

Well, what’s the point? If you’re going to make a point about it being uncertified then why are you claiming it’s being run by the VA in the first place?

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You have a point there.

Ok, this can be closed now :)

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