(Event Pictures 1) Los Cabos Flyout

1) These photos were taken during the Los Cabos Flyout Event that I hosted. We had about 6-7 people who spawned in at the small Los Cabos International Airport. The event went smooth and thanks to everyone who joined!

2) The event was on expert server. I flew from MMSD-KLAS in a Frontier A320. We all took off on runway 16 and followed the correct departure pattern. I took off around 2019-06-01T22:00:00Z and landed at around 2019-06-02T00:30:00Z
Other people who attended the event may post their photos on this thread! This will be kinda like a trip report!

  1. Just got in the plane at gate 16. My seat is 23A and it wasn’t bad. Leg room was alright and cabin looked nice. I was on a Frontier A320 to KLAS.
  2. We are currently taxing to runway 16. We had the funniest flight attendant and everyone on the plane was laughing. They said we would have a strong crosswind on takeoff but weather in Vegas was nice. Just put my phone in airplane mode and getting ready for takeoff.
  3. We just rotated and it felt like we had a pretty steep initial climb. We followed the 16 departure which is pretty much a straight out departure. After takeoff we had some turbulence.
  4. We cruised at 34,000 and it was pretty smooth. I started watching some TV on the in-flight entertainment and ordered some food. Took a quick nap before descent.
  5. We are on our final descent in to KLAS right now. Will the pilot butter?
  6. BUTTER… we had a smooth landing in KLAS and we all clapped for the pilots.
  7. We are currently taxing to our gate in Vegas. So far it has been a great flight!
  8. Just arrived to the terminal. It was a great and interesting flight.
  9. I am walking on the jetway right now and here is a picture of the plane.

What do you think of the photos! Let me know.

Funniest Flight Attendant link above was from a Frontier flight