Event Photos (June 2023 | Part 1)

Hello IFC. All the photos you are about to see are photos from ten events I have participated in over the last few weeks. I tried to make these pics as unique as possible. Enjoy!

San Diego Flyout (5/28/2023 | Hosted By @Flyin.Hawaiian)

Great Santa Ana Flyout (5/28/2023 | Hosted By @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek)

Retro Jackson Hole Event (6/3/2023 | Hosted By @United403)

Monterey Bay Flyout (6/3/2023 | Hosted By Myself)

Sunny Ft. Myers Flyout (6/4/2023 | Hosted By @Ryan_15)

Baku Event (6/6/2023 | Hosted By @IF_Jordan + Featured Event)

Salty To Sweet Group Flight (6/10/2023 | Hosted By @PhorzaSky)

Madeira Flyout (6/10/2023 | Hosted By Myself)

Kansas City Flyout (6/10/2023 | Hosted By @United403)

Tropical Tahiti Flyout (6/11/2023 | Hosted By @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek)

Thanks to everyone who hosted these events! Have a good day!


Great pic! 😍🙌🏼

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Nice shots!

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could I use one of them as a profile pic?

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Sure thing!