{Event Page is out! Follow link in chat}Next Event Poll for Airport MAX Out! 11/4-11/5

Hello everyone! My name is Pocket Aviation and as some of you know, I just had our first Successful Airport MAX out event! However, this pole is to divide where the next event will take place! If you have a destination in mind, post it in the comments below and It may be added if others like the idea!

  • KFAT (7 gates)
  • KABQ (25 gates)
  • TNCM (21 gates)
  • KISP (13 gates)
  • KLGB (11 gates)
  • KEGE (10 gates)
  • LDOB (<50 gates)

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PocketAviation (Head Airport MAX Out Coordinator)

  • KIND (46 gates)
  • KPDX (50 gates)

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Lets go KISP!!! :)

technically this should be in #live
but i want to see TNCM maxed out! #amazingairport



Thank me later 😉


If there is an airport that you want to be MAXED Out that is not on the list, please request one

Can you max out Diagoras Airport in Rhodes Greece?


Oh, nvm for TNCM, try KPRB! You’ll understand

possibly we will have to see if the community wants to!

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You should try to max out KRNO, really nice airport

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Lets get KISP #1!! (So we can send a picture to the airport IRL and they would probably post it :P

Hey at least we could get the bronze medal… (3rd place) LOL
But TNCM would likely win. Not a problem, I’ll just do SXM-ISP ;)

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Alright Guys, the pole ends tomorrow at 14:30 ZULU! Get as many votes in as posible

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Everyone who didnt pick the top 4… Repick and help KISP :P

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Exactly two hours to go before the pole closes!

Less than 1 hour before this pole closes! Get your votes in soon!

Attention Everyone

The next Airport MAX out is

Airport MAX Out @TNCM

I will be posting the official page in a couple of days! See you then!

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Airport MAX Out @ TNCM event is out! Sign Up here!

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