Event NOTAMs help

Does this mean that I have to be at that speed and altitude when passing that exact waypoint? I’m not so sure about it.

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Nope! It is just a recommendation. It’s helpful for ATC if you stay near those altitudes and speeds, but it’s not required and you won’t get ghosted for it. Hope this helps!


In addition to @TaipeiGuru‘s post:

The altitude restriction/recommendation works as a help for terrain clearance as well. Therefore I would recommend to use it as a minimum altitude, sticking as closely as possible to it but not flying (much) below it at the waypoint.


Thank you for help brother! It helped a lot.

Advisable as in not enforced by ghosting, yes.

But it really is a good idea to be at least as close as possible. People on this forum are always asking for STAR usage, and part of that is standardized transition waypoints and speed/altitude restrictions at certain points. This will help traffic flow a lot more than blasting over them at FL180 @ 320 KIAS when you’re 20 miles from intercept.


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