Event not showing on front page


My event (Baltic Flying! - @EVRA - 011600ZSEP18) showed up on the front page when I first posted it, but now it’s sitting somewhere in the events section. It seems if you title you event in caps, it shows up on the front page?


Unfortunately, events were removed from the Infinite Flight loading screen, because many were either canceled or postponed, causing confusion amongst many people. Does this answer your question?


I think it is there because no one had replied yet. If someone wants to reserve a gate for example, it will get on top of the list again

I think he is speaking about the community, not the app. Am I right @Latvia??

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I am talking about the IFC, and also, once someone reserved a gate, it just kept on falling down the list…

Let me reply to your thread

Result: Seems its working @Latvia

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