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I made an Event that is going to be on February 29th for the leap year, but the time in Zulu time is on March 1st but It would not be right to say that a leap year Event would be on March 1st. Do I have to change the time, or is there another way to make the title to look more correct? A mods help would be appreciated!

Right, so you a holding an event on the 29th, in the evening of an american time zone. Am I correct?

Yes but it is on March 1st in Zulu time and a a leap year event doesn’t look very correct when it says March 1st next to it

Just put the correct Zulu time and explain in your post. You can mention local time in the details.

What about the people who are only looking at the title

Why not something like this?

Leap Year Event @ KSFO 010100ZMAR16

An event to celebrate the leap year on Feb 2 at 5pm. PST! Come celebrate in the leap day!

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Sorry, you still need to use the correct time format. Either change the event time so the Zulu time still falls on February 29, or explain in your post!

Thanks for the help!😀

I know this whole “event title format” thing seems nuts to some of you. We will explain soon why we’re doing this

I don’t think it’s crazy, I was asking if there was anything to do in this scenario!

Ah, well then! Thanks for believing in our non-crazy ideas :)

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Matt posted how events are going to be integrated into IF homescreen. My guess is that the time and date will be read by IF using the titles.

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