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I was looking through events and saw that events usually get a lot of likes, but not as many people join as they get likes. Is there a reason for this?


Not sure, I pretty sure because you have people join event and user like the topic. Not sure about which category.

People just like because they maybe like their detail, pictures, and style or they just random like for no reason.

Edit: Since, the like are part of the forum, not the game. This should be in #meta, letting you know.


Due to the time or date of an event, they can not attend all


This is often because someone will
like the effort someone put into an event (It takes a lot of work), and wants to congratulate them in a subtle way. A lot of people don’t have time or the interest to participate in events, but appreciate the effort they put into making the event.


Yes, creating a event take a while and it huge effort if the topic get likes a lot. That other way why event get liked more.


I will verify, I have made lots of events, and I plan on creating more of them. congrats on TL3 BTW

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The amount of likes on a topic may not correlate to participation in said event rather there are times when its just a kind gesture from one community member to the other. Liking something by pushing on the heart could mean many things such as a show of appreciation, nice formatting and organization, or I’m interested and have read the topic but I’m not ready to commit to a gate or assignment and so on. Participation in events may vary due to time of the day or week, other events, people’s schedules changing or the unforeseen instances where one was planning on attending and couldn’t make it the last minute.


If I like an event, is usually means that I cannot join, but I appreciate the effort that the user put into it.


That is something I do from time to time.


Probably because people like the idea of the event but can’t show up

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Well ,I have an answer towards your question. Here’s what happens whoever makes an event puts a lot effort into organising the event not only that he will be the one who will taking care of the whole event ,which is not a piece of cake. For example : In Expert Server the organiser is a developer or mod he can ghost any person for not following the rules ,I myself have seen people trying to overcome others. So it’s not easy to organise an event .It should always be appreciated by likes or comments even though you are joining.

Secondly, People leave a like as they are joining the event but sometimes they will not show up due to some problems such as personal, Internet connection and specially device not charged .Event organisers always have an idea that they getting more than 100 likes but only 1/4 will show up ,Maybe more or less not always accurate.



It can be multiple causes but it’s the hearts are just there to represent the people who like the idea or the things in the event :)

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I just demand @WestJet737767 to like every post in my event topics.😂🤷‍♂️


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