[EVENT IN PROGRESS] Bring Orange County to life @ KSNA - 291800ZJUN18

Server: Expert

Region: Earth

Airport: KSNA

Time: 1800Z June 29, 2018 6:00 PM

NOTAM: A few months ago we were able to make Palm Springs come to life! Now I’d like to make John Wayne Airport (aka Orange County Airport) come alive!

Gate Information:

Airlines and Terminals:

When asking for a gate please state your destination
Gate Assignments:

Termianl A
  • Gate 01A: American Airlines @Cameron_Brown American Airlines KSNA-KPHX Boeing 737-800

  • Gate 01B: American Airlines

  • Gate 01C: Westjet @Alex_Lopresti WestJet KSNA-CYYZ Boeing 737-700

  • Gate 02: Delta @Prince_Plotena Delta KSNA-KLAS Embraer 175

  • Gate 03: Delta @Aceorbit Delta KSNA-KMSP Airbus A319

  • Gate 04: Delta

  • Gate 05: Delta

  • Gate 06: Delta

  • Gate 07: Delta

  • Gate 08: Delta

Terminal B
  • Gate 9: Alaska

  • Gate 10: Alaska

  • Gate 11: Alaska

  • Gate 12: Alaska

  • Gate 13: United @sk28 United KSNA-KSFO Airbus A320

  • Gate 14: United

Terminal C (FULL!)
  • Gate 15: Southwest Infinite_Flight_Dude Southwest KSNA-KDEN Boeing 737-700

  • Gate 16: Southwest @sam680 Southwest KSNA-KLAS Boeing 737-700

  • Gate 17: Southwest @7405896A Southwest KSNA-KPHX Boeing 737-700

  • Gate 18: Southwest @MJL_Productions Southwest KSNA-KOAK Boeing 737-700

  • Gate 19: Southwest @BigBert10 Southwest KSNA-KSJC Boeing 737-700

  • Gate 20: Southwest @Dart Southwest KSNA-KPHX Boeing 737-700

  • Gate 21: Frontier @Cole_Collins Frontier KSNA-KDEN Airbus A320

  • Gate 22: Frontier @A320fan Frontier KSNA-KSFO CRJ-700

Please check Gate Assignments prior to requesting a gate so you choose the airline of your choice!!


May I ask why it is in TS?

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It’s in TS because a lot of IFC members are grade 2.

Yes but if you want it to be professional, I suggest switching to Expert. I will join then.


I am with @Hockeyman_02 if this was on expert I would gladly join. Orange County is my home airport.


Okay @7405896A and @Hockeyman_02 I’ll change it!

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What time is this western?

Do you mean Pacific Standard?

Gate 18 please. SWA to LAS.

Yes. Would love to join, just need to see what time it is, as I’m busy.

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Sign me up! Southwest Airlines 737-700 to Phoniex.

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@7405896A and @sam680

I gave you gates 16 and 17 so it’s more organized.

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I’ll take Frontier gate 21 to Denver.

Roger that! I’ll put you in the A320.

United gate in terminal C please flying to SFO.

Alright! Nice to know that we’re going to be able to fill this airport up!

Also I’m going to put you in B, since we want to keep the realism in this.

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For anyone attending this event, keep in mind there is a noise abatement procedure at KSNA. If you are using a SID the procedure should appear in there.


Yup! I hope everyone follows that procedure so we can stay realistic.

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Sign me up! Gate 18 SNA-OAK, B737-700