Event in LLBG

Hey, I have just one question: would you like to take a part in an event in LLBG? Because I tried to make it and nobody wanted

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If you want to make a event, you must to create a topic in #live:events. To make people to join your event is make sure that you have a very details description and why you want to people to join your event. If you want to fly with other or 2, you can tell on #live if they want to live.

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Guys, I really think you miss one of the main parts. The OP clearly says that he created an event with hub --> LLBG and was cancelled due to a lack of interest. This is the #live:events topic with the proper title @rubinedan created some weeks ago:

LLBG flyout @ LLBG - 241500ZSEP18 - Lets respect Israel (canceled)

What I would suggest:

  1. First of all, I think this topic has been made in the wrong way. Better make a poll asking whether we would attend your event or not. Its more efficient than waiting for replies saying Yes or No

  2. If I were you, I would always make sure to make the event thread appealing, with lots of pictures, useful information such as the route you are going to follow or even some information about the departing and arrival airport, etc…

You can always browse in the #live:events category and take ideas on how to create an awesome event and a thread too.