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Hello Everyone! I’m going to be creating an event here soon but I wanted to get an idea of what you, the people, want. So below I’ve made a poll for y’all to vote and I will get started on making the one that wins.

Voting does not mean you are obligated to attend the event.

  • San Diego Flyout (KSAN)
  • Seattle Flyout (KSEA)
  • Honolulu Flyout (PHNL)

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Keep in my mind these are no the only three options. I have many other ideas but I’m gonna keep it short since this would only be my second event. I am accepting other suggestions and ideas as well. Thank you!



I vote for PHNL (did the poll as well). The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, especially at sunrise. I’d gladly join and look forward to this!

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Sounds good! My only concern about an event at PHNL is that there isn’t a lot of variety. You either go West Coast USA or Asia/Oceania.

ATTENTION: Poll will be closing on 2020-05-25T07:00:00Z. On the Friday or Saturday of that same week I will begin working on the event. Thanks!

I’m making a HNL flyout I’m thinking for it to be at 2020-06-21T00:00:00Z

Yikes… well that kinda defeats the whole purpose of my event because most of the voters wanted me to do a PHNL Flyout.

I’d also be doing mine at sunrise.

eh ive been planning mine since May 1st week but waited to make gates after my SFO flyout is done (tmrw)

San Diego or Seattle would be cool!!


I don’t know man. I’m not saying don’t do it. It’s just kind of rude to come on here and say that when all the people on my thread want this and your stealing the spotlight here. 🤷

Yes for sure! I chose the 3 places dearest to my heart. I live in San Diego, from Hawaii, and have a home in Seattle.

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He’s not stealing your spotlight nor is he being rude… he was just simply stating that he is also doing a Honolulu flyout. There is no one saying that you both can’t host flyouts at the same place. You can both do Honolulu flyouts. That’s what events are for.


Ayyy, you took my advice (maybe)

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