Event Idea.

I feel like we can do 2 flights together using American Airlines and Aeroflot livery from Washington DC to Moscow and head back. The call signs of these two planes shall be called American 1776 and Aeroflot 1922. How do you guys think about the idea?

Hello again Hatsune, what are you trying to make out of this topic? An event? Please elaborate so we can better understand you.


It’s just an idea. Not an event yet.

Well, before you make an event, you need to be TL2 (Member).

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I’m sorry, but saying that this is “just an idea” and putting it in #live rather than #live:events looks like a way of circumventing the “no events before TL2” rule. That’s just my opinion though, we’ll have see what the mods think.

David, he is asking for everyones opinion on the event so in the future he can create the event. And I moved it to #live by the way as this is the most appropriate Category to have this post in.


Well, as I said, that’s only my opinion and it’s entirely up to the mods to decide what to do.

We can do all sorts of things as an event, any idea is considered good if people sign up. It depends, you just have to make your events colorful and add substance. Remember, when making an event, you have to make it stand out at first glance, because people can ignore it and just click off.

Also, if this idea goes through, add detail to it, im sure theres a meaning as to why its American 1776 and Aeroflot 1922.


Of course there are meanings behind it.

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Hence why I italicized the numbers :)