Event Host Assistant(s) Needed

Hello! I am planning on hosting a series of events, maybe around 4, each 1 week away from each other. They will be called the Bonanza Events, where you only fly one aircraft family. First will be the A330, and next 737 and 777 and 787 after the update. I need someone to help me host these events, maybe 2 people. Here are the requirements.
Grade 3+
Past Experience in Events (Say how many you hosted)

Lives in Asia, because of the small time difference

Submit your résumés as a reply, and I will decide after two days. Only two people will be chosen.

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cool idea!

Thanks, I took quite some time to think it out.

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I not a regular yet :(

I host the olympics lol, sorry I can’t help. pretty busy rn. I would though!

But you seem very professional in your work, wording, etc. I suggest everybody checks this guy out.

Not a Regular yet unfortunately.

If there’s a lack of people, you guys could do it if no other regular want to @Lin_Yifan and @Potato_pilot submit your “résumés” as a reply if you are interested.

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