Event Ghost

An idea I have for FNFs, so we can bring back procedures and such:

It would be available to IFATC. During events, procedures could be set, and anyone who wasn’t following them could be ghosted using this. It would be like a session ghost in the first instance, but the difference is it does not affect your grade, and does not ban you from the advanced server fully. Then, if a user gets another event ghost, they get say a 24hr ban, which does affect the grade.

When ghosted, the user would get a warning telling them to check the event procedures on the forum or something.


Good idea, i see nothing wrong with it.


They set up a TFR that had to be followed one FNF restricting only 747’s. It wasn’t showing for android users though so ghosting wasn’t enforced.


Maybe do this on temporary servers but not the regular ones.

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Only for the expert server

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Yeah, it would only ever be for expert. I personally don’t like the use of a Temporary server, but it could happen there as well.


MaxSez: 12 likes so far out of 100 views! All 12 likes where by Cuntrollers in support of a Cuntrollers punitive ghosting topic again., not 1 like vote from a Pilot. I wounder why? Dem cuntrollers sure do stick together and circle the wagons. Seems “they” have a uniform sadistic anti pilot mind set… Toughlove, it’s an IFATC learning tool!

(Info: @IceBlue, LOL)

Unfortunately the past has proved a majority of pilots fail to follow the set procedures, making them a waste. This is preventing more realistic and interesting events.

Trust me I don’t set out to ghost pilots, as many other IFATCs would agree.

MaxSez: @IceBlue, knew I’d get your attention, LOL. Just keep this in mind; “When ya got em by the short hairs their hearts and minds will follow” does not instill knowledge or proficiency for tech skill sets down the line. Guided, Structured and Progressive Learning is the key… ask any certified instructor Pilot or Controller.

Why do you sent always “MaxZes” we al know you sent it. Back in topic it is a great idea! I hope there Will come more NOTAMs for the FNF.


The FNF’s are simply a way to get the community flying and controlling in the same region once a week. The idea of an even ghost is ridiculous. Someone should not be ghosted for flying to wrong plane or FPL. We figured this out after attempting to do it a few times.

I am 100% not in favor of another way to ghost people.

However, I have no clue what Max said.


You are not alone.

Great idea

Whilst I did enjoy the procedures and am a little disappointed they will not be coming back, if that is the stance you take about FNF, fair enough.