(Event Full) Flybe Virtual Recruitment Flight @ EGLC - 202230ZJAN18

Flybe Virtual Art

Server: Training

Region: United Kingdom (Global)

Airport: EGLC - EGPH

Time: 2230Z

NOTAM: Please fly the Dash 8 Q400 Aircraft and be sure to spawn into the correct gate assigned to you below. Always maintain 1000ft separation vertically, or 5nm separation horizontally.

Flight Plan:

Gate Assignments

Gate 1 - @CS_Aus_TB20GT
Gate 2 - @Declan_Lyall_O_Regan
Gate 3 - @aussie.spotter
Gate 4 - @Jacob_Sim
Gate 5 - @Michael_McMurray
Gate 6 - @Ryan_Vidad
Gate 7 - @morgan99
Gate 8 - @Gman
Gate 9 - @Davidberman
Gate 10 - @Dannyshaw24
Gate 12 - @JHearnden_Jgun47
Gate 13 - @JeanMorban
Gate 14 - @PilotE.E
Gate 21 - @Javian_J
Gate 22 - @AIDAN101
Gate 23 - @Deitzy
Gate 24 - @Robert_Mcalister

Be sure to also apply to become a pilot here:
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Great event, can’t wait to attend! Gate 1 please!

Gate 1 is yours. See you there.

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Gate 3 please! Would love to come along.

What is the time in AEST

Gate 3 is yours! Can’t wait to see you there :)

AEST: 0830 21st January
AEDT: 0930 21st January

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Sign me up too please

Yes, thank-you, for converting the times.

Ok thanks mate! Appreciate it

No problem, gate 4 is yours :)

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Gate 6! If available, I would like that up for grabs

Not a problem, gate 6 is yours! See you there! :)

Server has been changed to Training so we can involve everyone! Make sure to sign-up!

I’m in! Any gate sir

Sure thing, Gate 5 is yours!

I’m just confused on what day it is

It is on the 21st for people living in Australia!

I’m really sorry but I can’t as it’s the earliest I am available. :( It’s at 8:30am in Queensland, and 9:30am in NSW/VIC.

Oh! I thought it was 8:00pm. Keep the date. I’ll be available! Sorry

Ok, no worries :) Glad you can make it.

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