Event for Latinos @ MMMX 301000ZJAN18

the event is not going to be carried out out

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Follow this format ;)

@Chief305 could you assist?

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Thanks for helping @Chief305 😉


Dimelo Edwin!

En esta comunidad hablamos ingles y solo ingles, si usted quiere porfavor use un traductor para hablar ingles. Para aser un evento porfavor mire al enclace que to dio el Moderador.

Si necesita assistencia tirame un mensaje o a un Moderador.


Hello, let me say that I do not speak English. I forgot to speak. I do not write it in English because I want to do it for Spanish speakers but would you recommend doing it for everyone?

Sorry Edwin.

This is an English only forum, if you would like to post in #live:events or any other category it must be in english. If you need assistance PM me or a fellow Moderator. :)

Okay, I’ll translate it

those who speak English can also use the blessed translator

I fixed the title to the correct format for you. :)

thank you very much I had read how to do it but I do not understand anything


Nice, I’ll assist. This event will be amazing!

We will wait for you

Don’t worry Edwin, remember to PM me if you need anything. @Levet and I are here to help you if needed.

Enjoy the event and cheers!

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