Event finished! Thanks for everybody that came!


Hello and welcome to the Chicago airport flyout!
Chicago airport is a Huge airport in America, and there are not to many events with ORD in it!

Chicago airport is just northwest of the City, about 23km/h away, O hare airport serves about 228 destinations around the world such as North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania

O hare airport started out at WWII
It was a airforce base, and served for the Douglas manufacturing for around 54 milltary aircraft
Soon after it became an international airport, serving almost 83 million passengers in 2018 and 2019

Right now O hare airport serves as a Hub for
United Airlines
American Airlines
Sprit airlines
Frontier airlines

This event will be on the Expert Server


Let’s begin with the flights!

Route airline and plane Captain
KORD-KDFW American B737
KORD-KDEN United B757
KORD-KLAX Sprit A321
KORD-KJFK JetBlue E190
KORD-KEWR United B737
KORD-KBOS JetBlue E190
KORD-KLAS American A321
KORD-KSAN American B737
Route airline and plane Captain
KORD-RJTT United B772
KORD-VHHH Cathay Pacific A350 @1700302

Not to many flights to Asia at these times, so we will allow up to 3 pilots to do the same route

Route airline and plane Captain
KORD-EIDW American B787 @Udeme_Ekpo
KORD-EGLL United B787
KORD-EBBR United B787
KORD-EDDF Lufthansa B747-8
KORD-EDDM United B787
KORD-LGAV American B787
KORD-LTFM Turkish B77W @aidan
KORD-EKCH SAS A359 @ItsBlitz
Middle “centre”
Route airline and plane Captain
KORD-OTHH Qatar A350
KORD-OMDB Emirates B77W @ORD777flyer
KORD-HAAD Ethiopian B787

Not to many flights over here from ORD, will allow up to 3 pilot perform these flights

Event Partnerships Are Welcome!


I am not responsible for ANY violation that you get in event

Respect ATC

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I hope to see you all there!


How come RJTT & VHHH belong to Middle East??

Honestly I think there could be way more routes…and really, you called Japan and Hong Kong the “Middle East”?

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Oops 😅
I will fix that, what is that place called again

I also see no gates, maybe some more work could have been done before posting?

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On the website, there are currently no flights go to the routes that also go to that place, so I can not find any airlines or planes that fly there, I only found VHHH/RJTT

Wiki generally has all the destinations ORD serves.

Seriously though, you really should do more preparations for an event like this (specific gates, liveries, planes, and actually naming world regions correctly).

I’ll take the Emirates 777-300ER to DXB

Ok, thanks for signing up!

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Thank you for having me. This is my hometown airport

Nice! I have been to ORD
Great airport!

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Yeah very budy

Sorry I meant busy

Ok then, I fixed the regions, and there are livery’s and planes!

Another well designed event, however I will unfortunately not be able to attend this one. I have something going on at that time. Please tag me with your next event however. (I will be much more likely to be able to attend an event at this time on a Saturday. Just sayin…

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I will take this flight please thank you

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Sounds good!
I will sign you up!

SAS recently started operating their A359 to KORD, unfortunately, it’s temporarily not being flown due to the COVID19

If you could add that route, I would definitely fly it!

@FLIGHT2 What time is it? I can’t see it sorry

Is the route Stockholm to Chicago?